Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another look around and back out the door again. Here's a link for no reason.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Wackadoo! I'm back! More to come, just wanted to turn the key, walk in the door and take a look around.
Furniture's all there, a little more battered and worn than I remember, some things newer or new but the foundation's still solid, roof looks like it leaks a bit but a good patch job and good as new!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So here I am, 4th of July, big whoop, celebrating a country that every hour of every day is becoming less free and less supportive of freedom by the moment. Every middle or lower class worker has lesser and lesser freedoms and protection from tyranny than they did a moment before. Not an hour, not a day, not a month not a year, but a moment. Think about that. Each of us as individuals are just trying to get by in our day to day lives, trying to squeeze some happiness out of whatever free time we have to ourselves, yet our corporate and governmental masters think this is too much. In other countrys around the world they have shorter work weeks, more holidays, better pay and better living conditions and yet the United States is supposed to be 'The paragon of democracy and freedom'. Horseshit. Horseshit, horseshit, horseshit. Call a stalinist construct what it is, but do not lead others on with the clearly transparent lie that the United States is a 'wunnerful, wunnerful place'. 'Cause it just ain't so.
I learned the hard way myself that depending on unemployment if you're fired from a job under questionable circumstances on the employer's part will work in your favor. It won't. You'll be screwed and you will not have any income. You Will Be Cast Adrift. Excommunicated.
Trust No One. Be True Only To Yourself. Accept No One's Nostrums. 'Oh, democrats/liberalism is good for you. Oh, Republicans/conservatism is good for you.' Horseshit. Always remember this: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Which party is preaching hardest and longest this divisive and destructive philosophy? It ain't the 'monsters under the bed' liberals. It's the sleazy used care salesmen known as republicans/corporatists/fascists. To believe in them is to be played for a sucker. Why do they hate freedom so much? Why do they hate the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence? Why do they hate our right to privacy? In this whole cocked up bullshit 'War on Terror/War on Drugs' what real and clear victories have they won for us as citizens in our own country? What freedoms and rights have they usurped and told us they have no intention of giving back for a very, very long time in their absolute bald-faced lie of totalitarianism they are shoving down american's (and everyone else's throats)?
To them and their supporters I have nothing but the utmost dirision and rejection and sincere and clear wish for their failure. They are a cancer on humanity, civilization and everything that is decent and right and just that has and will ever exist.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The days of progressives supporting *either* party are well and truly over.

I was twelve years old when Nixon was impeached, but not imprisoned and I smelled a rat then. Imagine a twelve year old figuring that shit out. Then imagine that twelve year old growing into adulthood seeing things each and every year, each and every election confirming what he had figured out when he was twelve. Can you say 'revolution'? 'Cause that's the only way I see this whole shithouse getting sorted out. And no, I don't propose to go starting this myself, nor am I encouraging others to 'storm Washington D.C.'

But there will certainly have to be some very drastic changes made, changes like no one has seen in this country since the original revolutionary war.

I've always kept very much on top of things like politics, world affairs, international relations and...this country's 'hidden wars'.

As much as I know, I really have no idea of how all this is going to pan out. On one hand we have the 'nation of sheep', who have become so used to having everything handed to them on a plate, getting their house, their car, their big-screen HDTV and home theater system that the thought of losing those things would drive them into a frenzy of servile toady-ism. I think that's what we're seeing now.

A nation of people who were once admired who have morphed into fat, dumb cows being fattened up for ... endentured servitude. Send out the 'welcome to credit-card land' notices, sit back as they happily send in their completed apps not knowing that they will be roped into a financial mess that will follow them around for the rest of their natural lives. And in the process of doing so, the profits that will be realized will be diverted to defense contractors and businesses dedicated to enslaving others while sending the message to this population through it's corporate-owned and unaccountable media that 'all is well, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.'

That's it, just pay your bill, work on your credit rating so you can *buy more stuff* and keep on feeding this country's perpetual need for generating perpetual fear and intimidation while snatching away freedom from those who dared dream of it someday.

Make them believe we really are a democratic and freedom-loving nation right up until the moment our tanks roll up to their doors, stealing away their husbands and sons, never to be seen again.

Those who identify as 'conservatives' or the 'real voice of America' seem to think that God is on their side. There was another nation of people who thought God was on their side, they even wore it proudly on their belt buckles 'God Is With Us'. Gott Mitt Uns. Look where it got them.

It says in the bible that 'the meek shall inherit the earth' . I see nothing meek about the arrogant self-rightous people who inhabit this land. They all seem very much damned to me. I am sure that if there is a God, he would not want these people in his heaven. No deity would.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wednesday Night @ The Flop
It's been three weeks since the national joke called 'The Election' has taken place. The end of the United States of America really and truly ended on that day. Hope was stolen along with the election. The media has tried to cover it up, but all of the inquiries from americans striving to migrate out of the country following the election indicates it was not successfull. Hope is dead. Loyalty is dead. Patriotism is dead for this country. Jingoism thrives though. Arrogance is growing. Stupidity is epidemic. And Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

Mad fools run the most powerful nation on the planet and no one knows how to stop them. God help us all, like you have never helped us before.

The Right is a sick joke, the Left a pathetic joke. What is happening to the world as a whole because of this is a sad joke.

Who will forgive when all are to blame? I don't think the allies were in a very forgiving mood to the townspeople who lived near the concentration camps when they invaded Germany. The troops took great pleasure in making those townspeople dig the graves of those they had let die as they lived in whatever decadence they were able to realize from their suffering.
Perhaps the same will happen here at some point in time. This is a country who's people and instituations could use a good lesson in humility and decency.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

I've been reading a bio on Frank Lloyd Wright lately. My, what an interesting individual. He created all of these memorable architectural designs, went through a few marriages, borrowed money from friends he seldom paid back, lived an extravagant lifestyle while bilking creditors and the houses that resulted from his designs had innumerable structural problems. Yet he's a legend. Amazing. Wish I could be so lucky. Frank Lloyd Wright and Thomas Jefferson are two of the most famous people I've heard of so far to always be on the run from their creditors, yet somehow prosper. I wonder how many similar people are out there today?

Café Allegro, Sunday, cold and clear, sunny.

Well, I’m down to my last $11.00 and the internet connection at the house is so sporadic as to be pretty much useless. I think that if I go outside and down the steps and sit on top of the garage I might be able to get a signal, but for how long?

I went downtown yesterday to apply at the architectural bookstore. That’s how bad it is, job hunting on a Saturday.

Ana’s in heat again, which is good news seeing as how she hasn’t been in heat for something like a couple of months now and it’s really made me concerned that she got pregnant somehow. The only thing I can think of is that somehow Demitri’s been right there as she goes into heat, drills her, she comes out of it, and everybody’s happy. Apparently he missed his timing this time around. . . I’m also out of his pills for his condition. I just hope what I’ve been able to give him puts it into remission for awhile. Don’t know when I’ll be able to get anymore for him.

The election is coming up and I’m really pretty concerned about it. I look at the postings on the internet and right-wingers are doing victory-dances in preparation for another stolen victory, left-wingers are basically resigned to the fact the election will be stolen and that the only recourse is going to be lots of legal action. Then they will roll over and whine and moan that no one is listening to them or their ‘sock puppets in the street’ nonsense. Sorry folks, we live in an age where actions speak louder than words, and until leftys start using the tactics of the right they will be run over like squishy little toys left in the middle of a freeway. And paid about as much attention.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tuesday morning at the Trabie, typing away while I wait for the hours to pass by to the time I have to hop a bus over to Bellevue for another job interview. This one's got some promise, decent wages, a training position, a chance to change society for the better. Let's just hope it all comes together.

In addition to that I've been reading up on architecture to help myself understand more about Seattle's architecture here. I really like the 'arts and crafts' style homes in the area, partly because I live in one. It's not a full on A&C house, none of the 'knees' under the eaves, but still there are aspects of it that are undeniable. The fireplace and chimney, the interior layout, the moulding inside, all say A&C. The house of our neighbor's across the street though, that is a full on A&C house all the way. Nice front porch, intricate woodwork detail on the staircase and mouldings, custom glasswork. Beautiful. Wish I could live there instead of here in the shared house I have now. But all in all it's not bad; this weekend we had Howie the electrician over to completly change out the fuse panel to a breaker box. I'm amazed that he was able to get everything working througout the house considering how much wiring was involved. Yet, when you open the panel there's just a few breakers there. Hardly the load that a contemporary house has. He did miss hooking up the hot water tank, but all things considered a really small omission that he corrected quickly yesterday. It turned out that when he dropped the wires through the original hole to the fuse box to enlarge it for newer wiring the wires for the hot water tank dropped into the pit for the tank. Next weekend he's coming back to move some breakers around and put in some new circuits to balance the load better.